Saturday, December 13, 2008

How Allergies Develop?

Allergy can develop in the workplace for example your expose in the dusty area in your first exposure you may not feel something.Repeatedly exposed can gain an immune response -allergy attack.It might take years for some to become sensitive but once they do allergic reaction will follow.In my case, I am exposed to chemical fumes .During my first year I haven't experience any allergy.Last year, my allergy started my skin itches and it turns to red and sometimes i felt difficult in breathing. I get to see a dermatologist she advice me to avoid eating chicken,dried fish and egg.And, also not to use a bath sponge nor a whitening soap.I take medicine for three months .Allergies turn in different ways my workmate who is working in a yarn company exhibit a runny and itchy nose and sneezing every morning.If we experience symptoms like that more or less allergy exist already in our body.For free allergy I always bring anti allergy tablet with me.

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Ria said...

ay naku, same here. i have a frail health and madali ako kapitan ng kung anu-anong germs so i always have a stock of claritin handy.

btw, as for your queries, 1 pa lng opp ko sa tapos bukas ko announce ang winner ng mini contest...thanks for joining ha!