Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tips in Buying a New Phone

If you ask a gift, I guess 50% want a new cell phone.Latest model phone with wifi connection, good shoot camera is your choice.
Isn't it ?
Here are some tips I could share:

1.If you like to have a lot of tunes and videos in your phone ,get one with a micro SD or memory stick M2 Slot.

2.Camera phones are now catching up with point - and -shoot cameras in terms of image quality and portability.Cam phones equipped with xenon flash are best for nighttime.

3.More phones let you sync your calendar and contacts list with your computer but be sure to check for compatibility especially if you're using a MAC.

4.Wi-Fi capable phones are very much in demand especially with hotspots popping up like mushrooms.Beware though since surfing wirelessly will drain your juice in a snap.

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