Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tips for Buying a CookTop

Cook top is one appliance that does a lot of work in the kitchen.It can be classified as electric, gas ,ceramic and induction.Here are some tips of purchasing a cook top that has advance technology to produce easy to clean,reliable and aesthetically pleasing products.

1.Style - Kitchen style play's a big role in your choice of cook top.It is best to choose a cook top while you're still building the kitchen to save you from installation hassles and measurement problems.

2.Types of Burners -some types of burners are simmer,wok,fish and char grills. consider burner layout when creating a cook top with specialized burners.You don't want to simmering something in front of where you would be frying another,it will cause accidents and burns.

3.Types of heating elements - radiant,solid and smooth top.Radiant element are easy to clean coil-like elements.Solid and smooth top are usually found in electric cook tops are easier to clean and even provide heat.

4.Power rating and range hoods - larger burners will generate more heat,depending on your cook top and type of cooking, buy a suitable range hood.Range hoods will increase the ventilation in your kitchen.

Friday, November 28, 2008

How glutathione lightens skin ?

Glutathione is one of the popular whitening power now a days. We can find these already in different drugstores .I asked myself ,how this glutathione can lightens my skin? Glutathione inhibits the metabolism of melanin.The metabolic pathway reverses its course,going to the synthesis of light pigmented melanin instead of synthesizing dark-pigmented melanin.How much lighter can it make ? Glutathione lighten up the color of the skin just like lighter than birth color.Altering the birth color means changing one's DNA.

Do you bring drugs when you travel?

Medical conditions make you travel without stress.When, I go home to my hometown I do usually bring medicine for my allergy,for cold,stomach aches..and for dizziness because I feel dizzy in long hours of travel. I enjoy riding in a bus than a plane aside from the expensive fare plane.I can bring heavy things in a bus.There is nothing to worry about excess baggage because the charge is fixed. Before, my trip I go to the drugstore to buy a small medicine kit and medications.I never missed to bring a lotion or sunblock for best trip.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Clean properly your Computers and Keyboard

Computer and Keyboard is blogger weapon for posting and updating the blog.Taking Care of your computer and keyboard is important especially if the warranty service of your personal computer was already expired. Here is some tips to clean properly:

1. When cleaning your keyboard, first use a small brush to loosen dust and dirt
2.Never spray a cleaning solution directly on your computer as this may damage the parts
3.Spray your cleaning solution of choice into a cloth
4.Baby wipes are an easy option instead of a wet rag when cleaning the housing and monitor screen

Thursday, November 20, 2008

PC on Repair

My personal computer was on repair for 2 days ago because of power supply failure.We bring it to the nearest shop thinking that it will be fixed for just an hour but unfortunately the PC repair shop had no power supply that fits my personal computer.So, we did bring now to the store where we buy.I hope it will be fixed soon because I want to make up all of my blogging friends .I am very thankful for those who continue visiting my blog and dropping my entrecard.I promise to visit you back soon...Happy blogging!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shopping Home tools and Appliances on WEB

There are countless shopping websites that you can find whatever you need.If I shop bidding the price and quality of the product is very important.My shopping priority is to have a dining set and kitchen utensils which is important in cooking my food.There is a perfect web page for stocking of tools and appliances.I was planning to get a 7 stainless steel pot set which the price mark down from 60dollars to 30 dollars plus 5 dollars for shipping. If the value was converted to Philippine peso it is approx. 1,700 peso only which is not bad .The price is affordable for me and it is almost the same in department store and home appliances.If you want to complete your kitchen and dining tools no need to bother you can do it by shopping online for one day and avail discounted prices plus free items.

Another,one that I like is the wall oven because it can maximize the space of the house unlike to my two burner stove.Telling honestly my salary is not enough to get this item.But, there are still various types of large appliances that is basic need of dining and kitchen area that I can choose.This web page has five categories that will provide us total shopping alternatives.The glassware picture is very nice it can also be use for display if you have a small bar in living room .and each item has guide So, don't hesitate to shop online thinking the price is expensive but it was not really true.

How to Cook Sticky Kamote Wedges ?

In the province we have a farm planted with cassava,kamote and banana while the half area was coconut and fruit tree.We harvest the camote crops every six months.We don't sell our harvest because it was enough for us .But sometimes we give some to our neighbor.I usually cook boiled camote or sticky kamote wedges for snacktime in the afternoon.Boiled camote is easy so I will share the "sticky camote wedges".here is how :


3 medium -sized kamote ( whole,peeled and slice into wedges )
1/4 cup, brown sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon


1.Place the kamote wedgeson a foil-lined baking sheet,keeping them in one layer
2.Sprinkle the wedges with about 3 to 5 tbps of water.
3.Sprinkle the moistened wedges evenly with brown sugar and cinnamon.
4.Bake in a pre heated 350F oven for 20 - 25 minutes,until the kamote wedges are tender and the sugar-cinnamon mixture has turned into a gooey glaze.
5.Let them cool before serving

easy steps..Just try this at home

Monday, November 10, 2008

Are you looking for comfy workwear?

The company,I'm working provide us working shoes and uniform inside the clean room only.We still need to buy shoes,working pants in going to work.Because, I easily chill at 21deg. celsius my working jacket is always in my bag. Last week,I go shopping looking for a working shoes .It took me a day to pick a shoes.I do window shopping all the footwear section in the mall.I am not pricky of shoes.I am looking a comfortable ,durable shoes that my legs will not get tired at the end of duty.

It is not easy to find a work wear especially if you are considering your budget,quality and comfy of product.But not in national work wear because it carries items from foot wear, outerwear ,scrubs,pants and uniform for both mean and women from a reputable companies of apparel like carhartt.This is the best choice trade name for active workers.You can find here all types of working kit.If your planning to change your working attire try to purchase carhartt because it is not only durable but comfortable and you can get your job done easily.If I change my working shoes I make sure it is from carhartt .

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Shopping Madness

Did you try to shop if you are sad or depressed? If yes, you're never leave me alone.But, i don't know if we have the same attitude in shopping.When, I am feeling self -focused and blue . I am willing to spend more and willing to pay a higher prices.If I like the item I don't care the price.This is a bad habit so better to stay at home if "SAD".

Merchant Solution

Credit cards make use in shopping at vast malls, jewelry shop,selected supermarket or even retail store.I use my credit card only if I need to stretch my budget until the next payday :-) I know how to limit my expense but I can't deny that sometimes I am dependent of my credit card.One day,I drop by in the only supermarket along my way.My cash in my pocket is 200 peso only .I did shop a five items and fall in line in the cashier. My total bill worth 400 pesos so, I get my credit card but the supermarket didn't accept credit cards.I left what I shop and go to the nearest ATM machine .I didn't go back to the supermarket instead I go to the mall which is 10 mins away and do shopping .In merchant solutions they will provide account to access all types credit card in your business whether it is retail or internet provider.To have a merchant account is free just fill up the application form and submit.

I have a plan in putting up a business near the market place either rice retailer or grocery and accept all types of credit cards for payment so that costumer will not get trouble in paying or buying especially "moms" who alot time in shopping. But,how can I balance my capital or business if 70% of my customer use credit card?By credit card processor thru a merchant solution services they help you find the right processor to suit your business needs and offer credit cards option in paying a cost-effective and efficient manner.It was bid by your business category.With this credit card processor it is easy to pay and customer can maximize their time . If you have business feel free to appy online at credit card processor or just call their costumer service free.This processor is good in the market too,as I observe you cannot use credit cards in buying a fish, meat,beef in the market place...right? If those businessmen will try a credit card processor even if I will buy a half kilo of fish then I would bring my card with me always. This type of business was already set-up in 50 states of USA.Since,retail establishment is popular you can check out how this VISA MASTER CARD discover annex works.Business aim to have profit always.Feel free to apply this business discovery card payment.I know your selling trend will increase.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Which Gender is More FORGIVING ?

Forgiveness is hard to do especially if you're the one who made a mistake, this will reflect not at all times it depends upon the fault done.Men just forgive easily than women.When women done a naughtiness deed,men find it easier to forgive but if men deed naughtiness ,women has opposite effect.Viewing someone else's action as worse than your own is an attempt to ease feelings of gulit over wrong,if finding hard to forgive try forging yourself first.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Causes Asthma;Can it be Preventive?

Severe asthma attack can be life threatening,right?Asthma is a lung disease that characterized by chronically inflamed and narrow air passages.Asthma attacks manifest as wheezing,chest tightness,shortness of breath and coughing.This is trigger by allergens such as house dust mite,pollen from grass and trees,fur or hair of warm blooded pets like cats,certain foods,cigarette smoke,air pollution,cleaning solutions,paint,chemicals,infections so on.There is no cure for asthma, but asthmatics can live normal.The most common effective measure against asthma is avoidance of triggers but it is difficult to do.So, anti - asthma drugs classified relievers or preventers.Relievers are use during asthmas attacks such as corticosteroids and beta- agonists while preventers are designed to stop occurrence and improve lung function it is usually available in oral or inhalant forms.