Sunday, November 9, 2008

Merchant Solution

Credit cards make use in shopping at vast malls, jewelry shop,selected supermarket or even retail store.I use my credit card only if I need to stretch my budget until the next payday :-) I know how to limit my expense but I can't deny that sometimes I am dependent of my credit card.One day,I drop by in the only supermarket along my way.My cash in my pocket is 200 peso only .I did shop a five items and fall in line in the cashier. My total bill worth 400 pesos so, I get my credit card but the supermarket didn't accept credit cards.I left what I shop and go to the nearest ATM machine .I didn't go back to the supermarket instead I go to the mall which is 10 mins away and do shopping .In merchant solutions they will provide account to access all types credit card in your business whether it is retail or internet provider.To have a merchant account is free just fill up the application form and submit.

I have a plan in putting up a business near the market place either rice retailer or grocery and accept all types of credit cards for payment so that costumer will not get trouble in paying or buying especially "moms" who alot time in shopping. But,how can I balance my capital or business if 70% of my customer use credit card?By credit card processor thru a merchant solution services they help you find the right processor to suit your business needs and offer credit cards option in paying a cost-effective and efficient manner.It was bid by your business category.With this credit card processor it is easy to pay and customer can maximize their time . If you have business feel free to appy online at credit card processor or just call their costumer service free.This processor is good in the market too,as I observe you cannot use credit cards in buying a fish, meat,beef in the market place...right? If those businessmen will try a credit card processor even if I will buy a half kilo of fish then I would bring my card with me always. This type of business was already set-up in 50 states of USA.Since,retail establishment is popular you can check out how this VISA MASTER CARD discover annex works.Business aim to have profit always.Feel free to apply this business discovery card payment.I know your selling trend will increase.

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