Thursday, September 25, 2008

Choosing a Right Food

I am very conscious in my health because that's my weapon to survive long hours duty at work. I want to eat healthy and right food.Here are some right food choice :

1.Choose white bread

2.Limit rolls and butter an average roll has 80 to 85 calories,add butter and you're eating 120 calories instead.

3.Eat steamed rather than buttered vegetables.Lemon juice or low fat salad dressings are alternative way to top vegetables if you're craving a sauce.

4.Water packed tuna instead of oil packed tuna.Tuna in brine is a top choice it contain 1 gram of fat and 135 calories.

5.Tomato slices,lettuce,pepper strips in replacement of mayonnaise in your sandwich.try it!

6.Two cups of skim milk instead of whole milk.skim milk has nutritional value and contains less calories.

7.A cup of low fat,sugar free yogurt instead of glazed doughnut.Yogurt is high in calcium and packed with protein.High calcium low calorie can play a role of weight loss.

8.A bottle of chilled water instead of diet soda ..a glass of water flushes out harmful toxins in our body.

9.Pass on the whipped cream in your mocha or latte.for breakfast coffee with skim milk is very good.

10.Have a fruit insted of that cake for dessert.

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artofreed said...

You forget one thing, to check the expire date for packing food, maybe ?