Monday, August 31, 2009

Connect and Play

my farmville picture

I am a newbie member of face book.The reason why I sign up in this site is I am envy and curious about the farming game which my workmates and friends are chatting.I need to update myself to join them and have fun online too.Yes, I really enjoy the farming game.I also chatted amazingly my old friends and classmates in high school days. They saw my name in the farming game so they send me instant messages.We exchange ideas and talk each other while playing the game.I have chatted those who are already working abroad .They told me face book has a lot of fun to do .I agree because I become buff in the farming game ;-)

I hate to Fried Fish

I love to eat well done fried fish.Today I fried bangus fish.I feel bad because my skin was burn as the hot cooking oil keep hitting my arms and face.I do not know the secret of frying a fish so that the oil will not hit .Guys/ Gals hope you gonna share me some tips in frying fish.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baked Tahong

Hapinoy: I got a Mistake

I got a Mistake

I bought Tahong in the market.I am craving of "baked tahong".When I arrived home I told cousin to cooked a baked tahong.She complain that I bought a wrong kind of cheese.I told her it is not different.The cousin told me that it was not a "melted cheese" .I believe it will melt in the oven toaster because of hot temperature as I explain.The girl did not complain to me anymore because she know that I hate complains.She keep silent and go ahead in the kitchen.After a while she is shouting that the bake tahong was burn because the cheese did not melt.I felt conscience for not listening to cousin.I handed her money to buy a melted cheese ;-)

Miss Universe 2009

I am watching a replay of Miss Universe Beauty Contest held in Bahamas island USA.There are 83 participating candidates from different countries.I fall asleep on the coach.I did not notice the swim suit attire which I am waiting.I decided to search online who is the Miss Universe winner.It's Miss Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez).She is only 18 year old girl from the city of Merida.She is really gorgeous!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Style of Saving Fragrances and Cosmetics

Girls are fashionable in different ways.We buy various fragrances ,lotions ,soap and cosmetics to put in our body to look good.How can we save buying those stuff? Those are not basic needs but it is our fashion to take care of our body.isn't it?For cosmetics, I seldom buy lipstick of different shades two or three will do.My technique is to mixed light color to dark to shade a new one! I buy a water proof blush on for lasting shadow in my cheeks.In lotion and baths stuff I bought a bigger bottle because it is quiet cheaper compare to smaller one.If I there is a new product that I want a smaller bottle will do for testing the quality if it's good or not.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Slice Egg Neatly ?

Do you love cooking? If you do,I want you to share this tips.How to slice boiled egg neatly? Slicing a hard cooked eggs can be messy.isn't it? Because the yolk tends to crumble and stick to the blade of the knife.What will you do to slice them neatly? You can apply an oil in the slicer but it will also be messy.The best way to be neat in slicing is by spraying the knife with nonstick cooking spray.Then re spray the knife blade as needed.Try it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Keep Avocado G reen?

Did you notice that avocado flesh turns brown very quickly once it exposed to air?I have observe many times because i love to make an avocado shake.Once it turns to brown it do isn't look fresh and nutritious anymore.right?
How can we preserve our avocado fruit flesh?
1.Rub 1 tablespoon of olive oil on all of the exposed avocado flesh
2.Allow the excess oil to drip into a shallow bowl.
3.Then place the avocado half cut side down in the center of the oil puddle creating a seal.