Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anti Stress Diet

If your stress at work it is necessary to eat anti stress food.why? because if your stress the insides produce chemical reactions which surges of the hormone cortisol and sugar levels that spike which can leave a feeling of under pressure and sluggish.How I can practice anti stress diet? easy! For breakfast avoid sugary cereals or breakfast bars.Just eat whole grain cereal and a piece of fruit.Then take vitamins at least milligrams of calcium and magnessium.The magnessium will flushed out the stress rushes in and helps regulate those cortisol levels.For snack the crunch of veggie sticks or carrots helps release a clenched jaw and tension headache you can get.Before bed, go with a light carbohydrate -rich snack like toast and jam to quicken the release of the feel good hormone serotonin which help to sleep better.

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