Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stuffs for my Journey

I often visit to the province because of expensive fare and distant travel. I really missed my schoolmates and friends in my highschool days.I remember my trip last september 2008.I carry with me a big travelling bag ,two back packs and a paper bag for my food.It is tough to bring those things in two days trip.right? My next visit is to bring only two kids backpacks one for my clothes and personal things while the other one is for food,snacks or juices.Guys,gals a kids backpacks is only 26dollars.I like the shoulder strap because it is comfy.My grades school cousin also use this kind of bag but for me it is easy to carry in my journey.Anyways, I can hand carry it in the plane and it will not be hassle to claim a baggage.I bought a toddler backpacks for my niece and nephew because I am pretty sure they will like my bag .It is easy to purchase this stuffs online.If you want a personalized backpacks you can also order for yourself.But,guys a nap mat is very important to me.why? because, I live in the island and I have to travel 2hours pump boat.It is fun to take a nap in the boat while on travel because I can see the islets and its very relaxing!How about you guys and gals ?What are your basic stuffs to travel? If you need backpacks for your journey or for gift the site above is helpful for your search.

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