Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Pet

I have a new pet in the house.I name her "monengneng" .
The story of my pet goes like this.
I cook breakfast and I heard the neighbor who is angry of cats nor dogs is noisy.I didn't mind them outside.I eat my breakfast because I have to do my laundry before the sun shine. I am about to finish my laundry as I heard a cat voice near me.I feel crazy looking where the voice came from.Until,my cousin help me to do the laundry as she toss the water in the drainage in front of our house she saw the wet kitty.We both are pity of the cat. We keep her warm and feed a milk. But, she didn't even know how to sip it.She is still a baby.We both not sure if this kitty will survive but as we observe she look good now and we love to play "monengneng" now.

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