Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your Interview Checklist

After,your resume power and clever cover letter,you finally landed an interview.
Here are some guide before you go for interview:

  • Be on Time - always arrived at least 10 minutes early.Before heading for the reception area,quickly swing by the restroom to fix your clothes,freshen your hair and makeup and pop a mint.
  • Cell Matters - show your interviewer some courtesy by switching your cellphone to silent mode or turning it off completely.
  • Dress the Part - check the office's work environment first to see if it's better to come in corporate or casual chic attire.
  • Come prepared - organize your portfolio the night before the meeting and make sure it contains the following:resume,list of references,certificates and licenses,commendation letters and any other relevant material to help your seal the deal.
  • Exude Confidence - upon meeting your interviewer,be the first to offer a firm handshake and a warm smile.
This checklist help you get a job.

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