Monday, May 4, 2009


This week the neighbor sell fish early in the morning.Her mother is a fish vendor in the market.She helped her mother that's why she has something to put up for sale too. She sold us not per kilo but per plastic bag.It is cheaper compared to the market.Yesterday, I bought 20pesos only.I guess it weighs almost one kilo.This morning, I bought two pieces of "Bangus" or milk fish for only ninety pesos.I like grilled or sizzling Bangus.This is my dinner menu today.I hope my neighbor will continue to vend fish inside the gated community.


Ria said...

That's great! At least you still get to buy something for a lesser price.


Ria C

Lindz said...

nothign beats fresh fish talaga... sana dito ganyan pero hindi eh, frozen ang mga fish na nabibili lol