Monday, May 11, 2009

Dog Collars

Do you have a pet dog at home?If you ask me, My answer is doggy lessen my stressed at work so I have a doggy and a puppy.I like to play them everyday off.The doggy need tender loving care so that they will grow healthy.I shop for my dog from accessories to food.I bought two dog collars with rainbow and dotted pink.My doggy really look cute.The neighbor kids always play the puppy early in the morning.You may ask.Why I need to buy a dog collar?It is not only for doggy fashion ,dog collar serve also as a trade mark that it's my doggy.I can easily identify my doggy even if she mixed with the other dog.Guys and Gals a dog collar is only cheap.You can order online and pay thru credit card.It's easy! You don't need to spend transportation going to the mall and spend time looking a nice dog collar.I have found a very nice strawberry shake polka dot dog collar it is only 26 dollars.If you browse collars for dogs you can chose the best style for your pet.

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