Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you need Scholarship?

I am looking an scholarship program or a vocational school with cheap tuition fee for my cousin.I found one technical school accredited by TESDA unfortunately she did not pass the exam and we pay the re take exam but still she did not get the passing score.I call in a university near my place the registrar told me that they offer scholarship for Tesda.She give me the number to contact the testing center for assessment. Tesda has several testing center in every province.What we did is we go to the testing center and take the computerized exam.The cousin is lucky because there is no time limit.The test is just to measure your interest of taking the course.Finally, we get the test result and handed it in the school registrar for slot reservation.The registrar told me that its a free tuition and sixty pesos daily allowance.oh well, this is really a blessing to us!

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