Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Avoid Surcharges

Surcharges is add-on charges in bank or ATM card etc.If you are using ATM cards do not transact out of your network.why? Because, you can't escape of charges.I have an unforgettable experienced in ATM card.The first time I use ATM card was on my first job.The company open an ATM account for us.It was my first payday.I am excited! I go to the mall and I text my workmate if she withdraw her money already in the ATM.She said "I already did." So, I see an atm machine in the mall.I look at my card "megalink" .The ATM machine accept megalink card so my card will be accepted here.I withdraw my money.I was surprised because my available balance is only 500pesos.I ask my workmate how much is her salary.She told me "3,000 pesos"!my gosh! I guess my money was debit!I go to inside the bank and talk to the bank personnel in the information.I told her my concern.She told me I was not debit.Their bank charge is in terms of dollar to other network in every ATM transaction! wow! I can't claim my money anymore.This is my fault!It is a lesson to stick in your own bank network.

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