Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tips to Survive a Layoff

Today, we suffer global crisis .There are companies that almost suffer bankruptcy so they need to close or lay off some of their employees.Losing a job is an stressful life events.You will need a good action plan to recover quickly as possible from a job loss.
Here are some Things you must know to survive:

1.Don't panic : You may have lost your job but you have not lost everything.You are skilled individual and will work again.Do not think negative!

2.Reflect and Recover: Step back and clear your head.Anger and fear are two of the most common emotions experienced after job loss.Take some time to talk through your feelings of loss to friends and family members.

3.Organize your Finances: List out your monthly expenses into two groups absolutely necessary and optional.If you ahd laid off you should limit your spending habit in first category.

4.Update your Resume:Take account of all the skills and responsibilities that you acquired in your last job.

5.Activate your Network:Do not ashamed that you have laid off.Tell everyone you think can help that you are looking for work.

6.Go Back to School: Take advantage of the time provided by being laid off to better yourself both professionally and personally.Make most of the time improving yourself


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Ria said...

These tips are absolutely true. We are not sure of the uncertainties which lie ahead of us. All we can do is improve our skills, hone our talents, acquire more knowledge and be ready to fight again when the crisis is over, hopefully it happens in the near future.