Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Make an Anime Costume

Cosplay," or costume role-play, is a popular pastime in the anime (Japanese animation) world. Dressing up as your favorite anime character is a way of showing loyalty to a brand, celebrating at an anime convention or event, expressing creativity or simply having a good time.

Things You'll Need:

Colorful fabric
Platform shoes
Design and Make Your Own Anime Costume

Step 1
Choose the anime character you want to portray in your costume. These can be famous anime figures like characters from Dragon Ball Z or Bleach, or female standards like Sailor Moon. You can also create your own anime character with a color or adventure theme.

Step 2
Choose an appropriate wig for your costume. Even male characters in anime are known for having outrageous hair colors and styles, so shop around for the brightest, boldest wig you can find.

Step 3
Shop at martial arts surplus stores or dancewear stores for bright costume pieces for your wardrobe. Depending on the type of character you are portraying, you may need a variety of pieces that you can alter once you get home.

Step 4
Sew on patches, symbols or pieces of fabric to customize your costume to your liking. For female characters, you may consider sewing panels onto very short skirts to create varying layers. Male characters might need a colorful sash for a samurai robe or metallic fabric for a mecha (robot) costume.

Step 5
Accessorize your costume with platform shoes or boots. Female and male characters alike can utilize these props to add drama to any anime costume. The higher the better, so seek out specialty shops for the best finds.

Step 6
Customize your makeup to match your female costume. A dot of red rouge on the cheeks and/or red lipstick only at the center of the lips is a popular choice. Bright eyeshadows in dramatic hues are often favored choices as well.

Step 7
Make a sensation by adding eye-catching accessories to your costume, such as wands, swords, wooden staffs or crowns. Make sure that they match the theme of your costume, though, and never bring anything sharp out in public.

Tips & Warnings

The only rule with anime costume making is that there are no rules. You can add different wigs to bright outfits and mix and match styles to create your own look. The spirit of cosplay encourages originality, so go for it!
If you can't find what you're looking for in wigs, you might consider dying one on your own and cutting it in the style you want.


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