Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tips in Buying and Storing a Garlic

Do you easily pick a packed of garlic in the market in buying? or Do you inspect or chose the a garlic before you buy? I want to share some tips in buying and storing a garlic.

For Buying a Garlic

1.Buy a loose garlic,not the heads sold packaged in little cellophane-wrapped boxes.
2.Do not buy heads that feel spongy
3.Do not buy garlic that have skins where cloves used to reside
4.Avoid to buy a garlic that smells fermented or unusually fragrant.

For Storing a Garlic

1.Keep unpeeled garlic heads and cloves in a cool ,dry,pantry space away from direct sunlight
2.Do not store garlic in the refrigerator because it causes to soften and deteriorate more quickly.
3.Never store raw garlic cloves in oil.This can result in botulism.

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