Monday, April 27, 2009

Shop for your Pets

Do you have pets at home?How do you take care of them?I will share my experienced of taking care a pet.I buy a puppy girl last May 2008.The doggy has now four cute puppies ( two boys and two girls). I had a hard time taking care of puppy.The first month she get sick.Maybe, she is homesick with her mother and siblings.Pets are like human too although they cannot talk but they need tender loving care.The puppy did not eat.She vomit every time she eat.I feed a milk,a hot dog etc. but she didn't take a glance her dog bowl feeder.I am pity looking the puppy even she is sick when I arrived home after work she play my feet. I chat my workmate about puppy.She said shop online and get ideas how to take care Dog. This is what I did.I shop for puppy a dog food,dog toys, leashes and collars.The most important page is to heed if puppy get sick. Now, doggy with puppies are healthy and they relieve my stress at work because they love to play with me.

I have also a cat.I do not love cat.why? because they make pooh pooh,I see mice inside the house.I said to myself "I need cat now" .I don't want to buy sprays just to kill the mice because they will still came back.I shop online again for cat.huh? You gonna ask me, "It's crisis time,why I am still shopping for pets ? " The answer is "If you love your pets and I am sure pets had benefits too.You will also do what I am doing."Besides, shopping online is cheaper .I buy a litter box for my cat.The price is worth and my kitty didn't pooh pooh anywhere.If she make pooh pooh she run and look her litter box.This is funny because if I clean the litter box and she feel pooh pooh she is making noise and run and run looking the litter box.

How about birds and small pets?Do you love to take care too?They are cute pets.My friend have parrot in the house.When, I visit her I heard a voice saying " a girl ,a girl " .I notice the I ask a bird food to my friend and feed her.She says "thank you,thank you".It is cute and funny.I like the parrot plastic cage it is nice and comfy for all types of bird to place .If you have small pets at home like hamster.I will recommend a good kind of cage which only cost 8 dollars or 376 pesos free shipping.Isn't cheap?Shop now for your pets at lowest and affordable price.

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Palaboy said...

i am fond of shopping for my dogs whenever i go out. Specially when i find cute dog toy on the racks of the stores.