Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to Take Care your Swim Suits?

Summer is here!It is very hot nowadays we need to pamper ourselves in a beach for comfort.I am sure almost all of us has swim suit.right? I will share you gals how to take care your swimming attire in washing and drying.

For Washing:

  • Do not use washing machine to wash your swim suit but if you do set it on gentle cycle.
  • Never use fabric softener it will weaken the material.
  • Rinse your swim suit with fresh water and baby shampoo immediately after using to get rid it of chlorine.
  • Never let it in contact with bleach.

For Drying:
  • Drip your suit in shade.
  • Never use direct sunlight or using a heater this methods will only allow the elastic fabric to rot and melt away.
  • Do not iron your swim wear.

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