Monday, August 18, 2008

Parental Controls

How can you keep your kids safe from video game violence and smut?
Here are some controls I could share on PS3 that can do it for you:

1.Head on over to Setting > Security Settings.Set-up your four digit password.You will be prompted to enter the old password.By default,your old password is 0000.Now keep new password secret!

2.Now that you have a password that you only know,it's time to limit access to movies.There's a separate for DVD and for BLU-ray Movies.Simply enter your four digit password again then turn restrictions on Blu-ray.You will then be aske to enter an age for your account.Blu-ray movies can intelligently tell whether or not a movie should be restricted,depending on age.

3.For DVD movies, retrictions follow a different method.Enter your four digit password then choose a restriction level from 1 to 8,where 1 is the most restricted and 9 is the least.Try popping in some R18 movies to test it.

4.Games aren't just for kids.Enter your four digit password and set the level you want to restrict .This tame the restriction levels are from 1 to 11.Now your kids won't be playing Mortal Kombat online.

5.The best way to ensure that your kids won't stumble onto porn site is to restrict access to the web browser entirely.You can restrict access to the PS3 web browser by turning the option on here.

6.Lastly,Lets not forget that we can buy things from playing station Store.To stop your kids from going on a wild shopping spree,you can create a supplementary login account for them and put a limit to their spending or even dis allow it entirely.

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