Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The SunGlasses

I am on my way home my friend call me to drop by in the boutique.She owe be to buy a pair of sunglasses as a gift for herself and boyfriend.She told me that the boutique near my place sold low cost of accessories. I don't have an idea because I never drop by ever since in this place.It is true not only accessories but also formal dress and polo shirt.I buy a sun glass too for myself which only cost 100pesos.I like the over sized one because I look cute and fashionable :-)

Shower Tips

I hoard up tips to share in my readers.
Here is another one:

Shower Tips:

1.Don't let shampoo sit too long in your scalp.The detergent in the soapy suds can actually dry and irritate your crown.

2.Pick a mild shampoo to keep strands squeaky clean everyday.Once a week,get rid of styling debris with a clarifying shampoo

3.Use conditioner diligently,but make sure to rinse it out well.Concentrate on the tips rather than roots to help prevent split end and a greasy mane.

Do you have Pretty Feet ?

If you have pretty feet you're lucky than me because I have rough and flaky feet. I started treating my feet to look nice.

Here is what I have done:

1.I soak my feet in warm water for about five minutes
2.I add few drops of essential oil for more luxe experience
3.To smoothen bumpy peds, I gently slough them with a foot file
4.After that, I massage a rich,creamy moisturizer from toes to heels

I do this everyday and it really works!

Tips in Chosing a Bath Products

The bath products we use everyday affect our skin complexion.To make sure your using a right bath products do not buy products with additives. The chemicals used in scented soap, bath oil and post shower powder have been known to trigger an itchy rash.This is really true because I experienced skin itchiness many times.But, you also avoid anti bacterial soaps because it tend to dry out and irritate genital skin.The regular soap will do for bathing.

Easy Baon

Try to prepare your Baon easily.I will share one recipe to prepare baon

Stir-Fried TOFU with Oyster Sauce

250g. tofu,sliced into bite pieces
2 tbsp. oil
1 clove garlic,crushed
1 tsp. ginger,cut into small strips
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1tsp sugar
4 pcs oyster,mushroom,quartered
1 stalk spring onion,cut into pieces
1 baby bok choy ( or pechay ),quartered
cilantro leaves

Steps :
1.Heat a wok over a medium heat
2.Once wok is hot,add oil and saute the tofu until they are golden brown on all sides
3.Make sure you move them around gently to keep them from sticking to the pan or breaking
4.Add the garlic , ginger ,oyster sauce ,soy sauce and sugar.
5.Toss until well combined
6.Put in the oyster mushroom,spring onion and bok choy
7.Simmer until the sauce has reduced a little and the spring onions have slightly softened
8.Garnish with cilantro leaves


Your Interview Checklist

After,your resume power and clever cover letter,you finally landed an interview.
Here are some guide before you go for interview:

  • Be on Time - always arrived at least 10 minutes early.Before heading for the reception area,quickly swing by the restroom to fix your clothes,freshen your hair and makeup and pop a mint.
  • Cell Matters - show your interviewer some courtesy by switching your cellphone to silent mode or turning it off completely.
  • Dress the Part - check the office's work environment first to see if it's better to come in corporate or casual chic attire.
  • Come prepared - organize your portfolio the night before the meeting and make sure it contains the following:resume,list of references,certificates and licenses,commendation letters and any other relevant material to help your seal the deal.
  • Exude Confidence - upon meeting your interviewer,be the first to offer a firm handshake and a warm smile.
This checklist help you get a job.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Earn a Degree Online

Do you want to switch your career without a recession profession?If you have a work like me and want to earn education, I would prefer to enroll online.The advantage here is you can work while studying and you can also save money for transportation.In the recent, manufacturing companies,call centers are not stable based on what we are experiencing right now.isn't it?I am working in engineering field but switching my career as a medical assistant is quiet challenging.I believe that this profession will not declare slump in effect of economic crisis.why?Because, hospital,clinic,medical firm is very important in our society.The course online is not a hindrance in my daily schedule.The regular tuition fee cost 1,215 dollars but to study online you can save almost 50% paying only 645 dollars.This is not a burden in your pocket because you can pay installment basis.The training is good because they have also online medical assistants clinical lab.To belong in a medical assistants group you need to be determined , proud and challenged because the course is in demand both local and abroad employment.Learning online is competitive.You gonna buy textbook also worth 40dollars only as reference.
If you want a complete details,the St.Augustine School of Medical Assistants is the answer.This school is equipped in modern technology to delivered unparalleled service of excellence education in every student .They are recognized online institution therefore your learnings and ability in applying a job is also competent.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do you need Scholarship?

I am looking an scholarship program or a vocational school with cheap tuition fee for my cousin.I found one technical school accredited by TESDA unfortunately she did not pass the exam and we pay the re take exam but still she did not get the passing score.I call in a university near my place the registrar told me that they offer scholarship for Tesda.She give me the number to contact the testing center for assessment. Tesda has several testing center in every province.What we did is we go to the testing center and take the computerized exam.The cousin is lucky because there is no time limit.The test is just to measure your interest of taking the course.Finally, we get the test result and handed it in the school registrar for slot reservation.The registrar told me that its a free tuition and sixty pesos daily allowance.oh well, this is really a blessing to us!

How to Identify the USB Affected with Virus ?

Here are some tips to identity that your usb was already affected with virus:

1.After you insert the USB drive, Enable Hidden Files and Folders

How to Enable Hidden Files and Folders:

• Goto ToolsFolder options click view tab
• Under view tab go to Advanced settings Hidden files and folders
• Click radio button “show hidden files and folders”
• Remove check mark “Hide extension for known file types”
• “Hide protected operating system files”
• Click Apply , ok.
• Screen shot in next slide

2.After, enable the hidden files you can view the virus in the USB Drive

NOTE: take a look the auto run info files.

Avoid Virus in USB

Here are some tips how to avoid virus in your USB Drive:

1.Do not allow the USB Drive to auto play after plug in,cancel it.

2.Do not double click the USB Drive

3.Simply, Go to Start , Run then E :

4. View your USB Drive,just copy the necessary files

5.Repeat the process using USB Drive

This quiet time consuming but its the only way to avoid virus.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dog Collars

Do you have a pet dog at home?If you ask me, My answer is doggy lessen my stressed at work so I have a doggy and a puppy.I like to play them everyday off.The doggy need tender loving care so that they will grow healthy.I shop for my dog from accessories to food.I bought two dog collars with rainbow and dotted pink.My doggy really look cute.The neighbor kids always play the puppy early in the morning.You may ask.Why I need to buy a dog collar?It is not only for doggy fashion ,dog collar serve also as a trade mark that it's my doggy.I can easily identify my doggy even if she mixed with the other dog.Guys and Gals a dog collar is only cheap.You can order online and pay thru credit card.It's easy! You don't need to spend transportation going to the mall and spend time looking a nice dog collar.I have found a very nice strawberry shake polka dot dog collar it is only 26 dollars.If you browse collars for dogs you can chose the best style for your pet.


Monday, May 4, 2009


This week the neighbor sell fish early in the morning.Her mother is a fish vendor in the market.She helped her mother that's why she has something to put up for sale too. She sold us not per kilo but per plastic bag.It is cheaper compared to the market.Yesterday, I bought 20pesos only.I guess it weighs almost one kilo.This morning, I bought two pieces of "Bangus" or milk fish for only ninety pesos.I like grilled or sizzling Bangus.This is my dinner menu today.I hope my neighbor will continue to vend fish inside the gated community.